Keeping Bugs Off Fruit Trees Without Pesticides

Posted on: 12 July 2017

Using pesticides is one of the best ways of getting rid of bothersome pests on your fruit trees. However, it isn't the best way; pesticides cause different health effects and harm the environment. Luckily, the following tips will help you keep the pests at bay without using pesticides:

Prune the Trees

Some pests don't fly but they reach your fruit trees via the limbs or branches that touch the ground. For example, ants may attack a fence and get to the fruit tree if some of its branches are touching the fence. Therefore, keep the branches off the ground, fences, roofs and other structures that pests may use to reach your fruit trees.

Use Sticky Traps

Hanging sticky traps on different branches and parts of the tree may also help. You can also wrap the trap around the stump so that pets that try to climb the trees get trapped. Commercial traps are available exactly for this purpose. You can remove the traps after they trap too many pests.

Prune the Trees

You can also try selective pruning of the branches. For example, you can target diseased branches or those that are crusted with insect scales; that will reduce the number of pests on the trees. Pruning will also boost air circulation and allow sunlight to penetrate the trees' inner leaves, both of which will reduce pest infestation.

Keep the Areas Around the Fruits Clean

Pests are generally attracted to unsanitary conditions since that is where they get their food and water. For example, fallen twigs, leaves, and fruits will attract bugs to the base of the tree, and it will only a short time before the bugs make the transition to the tree. Therefore, keep the bases of these trees free of such things and you will reduce the pest attacks too.

Don't Use Last Year's Detritus

Your mulching techniques may also encourage pest attacks on your fruit trees. For example, using last year's detritus and leaves as mulch isn't advisable. Some bugs use the detritus to lay eggs or burrow for the winter, and they will wake up and attack your trees in no time. source your mulch from a different place; you can even use nonorganic mulch to be on the safe side.

For best results, don't rely on one form of pest control; a multi-pronged approach is the best way to go. Hopeful, the above tips will leave your fruit trees pest free. You can always call for professional pest control if the above measures don't help.