Tips to Get Your Trees and Flower Beds Ready for Spring

Posted on: 18 July 2017

Even though it is hot outside right now, you can plan landscaping tasks that you need to do when spring rolls back around. Two things you need to do is take care of your trees and get your flower beds ready for planting. Below is some more information about this so you will know what to do.

Trim Trees

The best time to trim trees is in the early spring before the trees start budding. If you do this after, you interrupt the budding process and your trees will not grow as well.

The only time you should trim your trees later in the year is if they have diseased and damaged branches. This will prevent decay and insects from entering the branches and tree. Once you remove these branches, new, healthy branches will take their place.

If the canopy is dense, sunlight and air cannot circulate throughout the tree, which will cause disease problems. For this reason, the tree should be trimmed to thin out the canopy. If you have branches that cross each other remove them as damaged will happen when the branches rub against each other.

If your trees have suckers you need to remove them or the wood will become weak. Once they are removed, provide the trees with more water for a couple of weeks, and add some fertilizer one time to help them grow.

Unless you are experienced, you should always hire a tree trimming service to trim your trees. This is especially true if your trees are large. They know the correct procedures to use to keep your trees healthy.

Get Flower Bed Ready

If you have a flower bed early spring is the time to get it ready for planting. First remove any debris that may have gathered on the flower bed, such as leaves, branches, etc.

Over the winter the soil has likely become hard. For this reason, till the soil if you have a tiller. If not, use a shovel and rake. Make sure you get deep enough to allow the roots to grow healthy.

Add some compost to the soil to make it healthy for your flowers. You can find compost at garden centers. They come in bags which makes it easy to transport. Usually a couple of inches of compost will be fine for your flower bed. Once you put the compost on the bed, till it or use the shovel again to mix it into the soil.

If you have perennials in the flower garden make sure you do not bother them. You can still add compost around them and carefully mix it into the soil around the perennials with a small hand shovel or your hands.

These two tips will allow you to have beautiful trees and flowers in the spring, summer, and fall months.

For more information, contact a business such as Pete & Ron's Tree Service, Inc.