Making The Most Of Tree Removal Waste: 3 Of The Best Options To Clean Up After Tree Maintenance

Posted on: 26 July 2017

One of the problem that you face when having a tree removal done is what to do with the tree waste. When doing tree maintenance around your home, you will want to deal with the waste. You can haul it off, chip it or make use of the waste for landscaping projects. Here are some of the best options to help deal with tree waste after doing major maintenance projects:

1. Chip It Up and Make Mulch for Ground Covering and Compost

The easiest way to get rid of tree waste is to chip it with a wood chipper and turn it into mulch. There are a few tricks to getting mulch that you can use for ground cover. Here are some of the things you will want to do for clean ground cover mulch from tree waste:

  • Clean up the waste
  • Separate small and large materials
  • Chip smaller materials first and separately
  • Ship large materials twice

You will want to clean the waste to remove unusable materials like leaves that cause mulch to rot quicker. Separating larger materials and running them through the chipper twice will also help to create uniform sized chips for use as landscaping ground cover.

2. Grind Stumps and Turn the Former Tree Space with A Flower Bed

Stumps are another problem that you will have to deal with when cleaning up tree waste. Often, the soil in these areas lack nutrients to plant them right after removal, and the stumps may have extensive root systems that get in the way. Have stumps ground to reuse the area where the tree once stood. Make the area a flower bed to allow debris to decay and the soils to recover nutrients before you plant it with grass lawns. If you do plant the area with a grass lawn, make sure to till the soils and add nutrients with fertilizers and manure.

3. Turning Your Tree Waste into Usable Materials for Landscaping Projects

The tree waste from removal and trimming chores can also be usable materials for landscaping projects. Some tree species such as, white oak and cedar, are very durable timber for outdoor use. You can use straight materials for things like creating borders around flower beds, building rustic fences or creating other rustic landscaping structures. When using tree waste for timber, make sure you remove the bark to slow-down the decaying process and easily seal the wood from the elements.

These are some of the best options to help you deal with problems with tree waste around your home. If you have tree waste problems, contact a tree service to help with some of the maintenance tasks you need to do to the trees around your home. For more information, contact a service like Good Morrow.