When & How To Prune Trees In The Summer

Posted on: 12 July 2017

Summer is generally not the best time of year to trim trees. With most trees, it is best to trim them when they are dormant in the spring or fall. However, there are some situations in which it makes sense to prune your trees during the summer time.  

When To Prune Your Trees In The Summer

In generally, if you want to sculpt or control the size of a tree, it is best to do so when it is dormant. For most trees, this is early in the spring before they start to grow again or in the late fall or early winter when they are dormant. However, there are situations that arise during the summer that make it appropriate to prune a tree.

If you have trees that are growing too close to your house and could damage your siding and your roof in a storm. When trees grow too closely to your house, they can transfer moisture to your roof and siding that could cause damage. Also, the force of the branches hitting your home can cause damage as well.

If you have trees that are blocking your view, it can be appropriate to cut them during the summer as well.

If you have any weeping species of trees growing on your property, and the branches are touching the ground, you are going to want to prune those branches. When the branches touch the ground, this can cause the tree to become infested with insects as well as disease.

How To Prune A Tree During The Summer

When you prune your trees in the summer, there are a few things that you want to be careful about. To start with, you don't want to trim your trees when there is either a heat wave or when your area is experiencing a drought. Both of this situations are stressful for your trees and can damage them. It is best to cut your trees when the temperatures outsides are more moderate instead of extremely hot.

Next, you don't want to prune trees when they are wet either. When you prune trees when they are wet, the chance of them getting infected with a fungal disease greatly increases. It is best to wait about two days after it rains to prune your trees to ensure that they don't get a fungal infection.

Make sure that you use clean landscaping tools when you prune your trees. You don't want to make jagged cuts which could become infected, but nice clean cuts that will heal properly. For more information or assistance, contact companies like D. C. Tree Service.