• 2 Reasons Why A Living Tree In Your Yard May Need To Be Removed By A Professional Service

    When your yard is filled with trees, you may keep an eye on them to see if any are diseased and dying so that you can remove them if needed. Usually, these trees will have obvious signs of issues, such as obvious breaks in the trunk or widespread shedding of yellowed, dying leaves. However, just because a tree may appear healthy and is able to produce ample leaves, there could be hidden issues that make it just as dangerous to leave in your yard as a tree that is obviously dying, diseased, or dead.
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  • 4 Things To Know When Trimming Flowering Trees

    There are many tree varieties that are prized for their beautiful blooms above all else. Proper trimming is the key if you want to be assured that your trees will put on a heavy blossom show each year.   1. Old Vs. New Wood When it comes to flowering trees, it's important to understand the differences between old and new wood. New wood grows from the end of a branch, not at the base.
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