Planting a Tree in Your Starter Home? 3 Ways to Reap the Benefits

Posted on: 14 July 2017

Living in a starter home means knowing that the place will not be the one you live in forever. This knowledge should change how you go about maintaining and upgrading the home. If you want to plant a tree, you may want to take a different approach compared to if you were living in your forever home. While the future homeowners may gain the most when the tree that you plant is fully grown, you should hire a tree care company to make sure you are able to benefit from the tree while you live there.

Start with a Sapling

Trying to grow a tree from a single seed is a challenge because it may not work the first time. This would require you to wait a long time before you figure out if the tree seed started growing. A better alternative is to start with a sapling that you know is healthy and already growing. You can choose from saplings that are a few feet high to those that are taller than you depending on how much you want to spend. It is worth paying a bit extra to make a noticeable impact in your backyard without needing any growth.

Get a Fruit Tree

A mature tree can provide you with shade and attract birds that you enjoy watching. But, you may not get much shade from the tree that you plant if you do not live in the home for a long time. This makes it worth growing a fruit tree because it will allow you to reap the benefits of your efforts in a few years. It is best to pick trees that can produce fruit early on since some trees require several years before this happens.

Pick Fast-Growing

While a sapling will help you get a tree that looks like it has been growing for a while, you should also look at which trees are the fastest growing. If you live in the home for a few years, you could see enormous growth when you make it a top priority to grow a tree that is known for being a fast grower. By starting with a sapling, you should feel confident about it coming to your home in exceptional health so that it is capable of reaching its maximum growth speed.

While adding a tree to your property should increase your home's value, you can enjoy several other benefits by growing a tree that will benefit you in the short term and the long term.