Steps To Take After You've Had A Tree Removed From Your Yard

Posted on: 19 July 2017

It's a sad day when you have a tree in your yard that is diseased or damaged to the point that it needs to be removed. Instead of risking your safety and the safety of your house by trying to cut the tree down yourself, you should entrust this important job to your local tree service. Professional tree services not only excel in removing trees, but also in helping you take the necessary steps after your tree is gone. Your yard can look a little barren after the tree has been cut down, especially if it was large. However, with the help of your local tree service, here are some steps that you can take.

Understand The Reason For The Tree Loss

Obviously, your end goal will be to have another large, healthy tree growing in your yard in time. However, instead of simply rushing to the local garden center, buying a tree, and then planting it, you should talk with the experts at your tree service to determine why you lost the tree in the first place. In some cases, the reason might be evident. For example, if the tree split down the trunk after it was struck by lightning, you likely won't need to get clarification. However, if the tree was dying from a disease, you'll want to understand the disease and how to keep it at bay in the future before you attempt to replace the tree.

Determine An Ideal Planting Location

You might lean toward planting a new tree directly in the area that the old one used to occupy, but this may not be the best approach. The old tree's network of roots under the ground can make it difficult for the new tree's roots to spread as the tree grows. This could result in the new tree's growth stagnating. Have an expert from the tree service visit your property to assess the ideal location for the new tree. If there's nowhere you'd rather have it than in the area that the old tree occupied, the tree service will work to remove the stump and roots.

Have Your New Tree Planted

Instead of planting the tree yourself, it's ideal to have your local tree service handle this important task. The crew will know the right depth at which to dig the hole, as well as what products -- bone meal, for example -- to put into the hole to promote healthy, rapid growth before planting the tree. Although the new tree won't reach your desired size overnight, it will be well on its way toward replacing the older tree.