Tips For Pressure Washing Your Home To Get Rid Of Algae And Mold

Posted on: 20 July 2017

Mature trees are a beautiful addition to your yard, but they can cause problems when they get too close to your home. If your house is in shade all day, then moss, algae, or mildew may grow on the roof and siding. Plus, your gutters fill up with leaves and small twigs. Pressure washing takes are of these problems so you can keep your mature trees and have a beautiful home too. Here are some tips for pressure washing your home to get rid of algae stains.

Pressure Washing Your Asphalt Roof

Washing a roof is tricky because asphalt is slick when it's wet. If your roof has a steep slope, or if you're dealing with a large patch of algae, then it may be better to hire an experienced professional to do the job. Start at the top and work your way back toward the bottom being careful to walk only on dry shingles. You may want to spray an algaecide on the shingles first so the stain lifts away when you use the pressure washer. Use the low setting so you don't knock off any granules and always spray down the slope of your roof so water isn't forced under the shingles.

Cleaning Gutters With A Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is a great tool for blasting clogs out of a downspout. It's also useful for clearing out troughs and for washing stains off the exterior of the gutters. Use a low or medium setting so you don't knock the gutters off the stakes or put stress on a seam. While you're cleaning the gutters, it's a good time to wash the soffit too. This requires a low setting so you don't push debris into the soffit. Also, point the spray at an angle to keep from pushing water and debris into the soffit or under the roof.

Removing Algae From Siding With A Pressure Washer

Algae comes off aluminum and vinyl siding easily when you use a pressure washer and treat the algae first with a product made to remove mold, moss, and algae. Be sure to buy a product made specifically for aluminum or vinyl so you don't harm the panels. Since the treated area will be cleaner than the rest of the siding, it's a good time to clean your whole house, which is a quick and easy job with a pressure washer. Just use a low setting and aim the spray so it doesn't go under the siding panels.

If your driveway has moldy spots too, you can remove them with the pressure washer. The washer can be used to clean concrete, brick, and wood as well as vinyl and metal. You'll probably be amazed at the difference in your home when the job is finished. It will look much cleaner and brighter and the algae and mold stains should all be gone. To keep from repeating the process too often, you may want to have some of your tree limbs trimmed or thinned out so more sun can reach your home and keep the stains from forming so fast. For more information, contact companies like Jack's  Four Seasons.