3 Tips For Selling Timber On Your Land

Posted on: 22 July 2017

While you may have purchased a property with plenty of acreage and trees partly for the view and peaceful setting, another popular reason to buy forested land is to eventually sell timber for a profit. If you've decided to thin out your mature trees by selling to a timber company, it's important to take your time and really understand any deal you make before you sign a contract. Here are a few tips for selling timber on your land for profit:

Choose Your Logging Company Carefully

Logging companies, like most industries, run the gamut from the inexperienced, to the very experienced, qualified, and trustworthy type of company you should hire. Before hiring a logger, be sure to ask questions, read reviews, and check to see if their loggers are licensed or certified. While certification is not mandated in every state, having a logging certification shows a more serious level of training and qualification.

It is also important to only hire a logging company that is fully insured so that if there is an accident or mishap on your property caused by the logging company, you will not be considered financially liable. Talk with H & H Timber Company INC. for more information.

Have a Lawyer Look at Your Contract

A property attorney with experience in the areas of forestry, timber sales, or land sales, is a great resource in this situation. They will help you draft an airtight contract, or at least read over and amend as needed the contract provided by the logging company. This contract should be detailed and specific and not leave any doubt about which trees are being removed, how they are being removed, and the precautions the logging company will take to protect your remaining trees and the local ecosystem.

Consider Hiring a Forester

A professional forester typically has advanced education and leadership and is a good ally and expert to have on your side. You can hire a forester to oversee the overall operation, provide you with pricing guidelines to make sure you are getting the most profit possible, and ensure that the logging company is operating in a way that is safe. They can make sure that the logging company is meeting local and state regulations and that their work is environmentally sustainable. The cost is worthwhile if it means your timber sale is more profitable and your land is more protected. 

By making shrewd, careful choices and really doing your research, you will make the most out of this and any future timber sales you decide to make.