Recently Remove A Tree? Learn How To Remove The Tree Roots And Stump

Posted on: 24 July 2017

Dealing with tree roots is one of the unforeseen problems that come with removing a tree. Those roots can keep growing after the tree has been removed, which can cause them to damage your home in the form of cracked pavement or broken sewer lines. Here are some tips for removing the tree roots after removing a tree.

Suffocate The Roots With Mulch

One method to remove roots that is environmentally friendly and safe is to use mulch. In order for this method to work, you'll need to completely bury the stump and any exposed roots with mulch. The mulch will help prevent the tree from receiving the nutrients it needs in order to survive, and over a few weeks, the tree's roots will start to die. This will make it easier to cut up the dead wood and get the roots out of the ground.

Pull The Stump Out With Force

Pulling the stump out will require a couple feet worth of stump still in the ground so that you can get a good grip on the tree when the time comes. Start by digging out around the stump using a shovel, and use an ax to cut into the roots that are coming from the stump. You should completely detach the roots from the stump so that the stump stands alone.

You can then wrap a chain or rope around the remainder of the tree stump, then secure the stump to a powerful truck winch that has enough strength to pull out the tree stump from the ground. If you don't have a truck that is strong enough to remove the tree stump, then consider having a professional remove your tree stump with their special equipment.

Kill The Roots With Chemicals

Your local home improvement store will sell chemicals that are designed to kill off tree roots. They work by drilling holes into the stump and exposed roots that you pour the chemicals into. Over time, the wood will start to decay and become soft, making it easy to hack away at the dead wood to remove it.

A similar technique involves fire. You can pour gasoline into the holes that you drilled, and then throw a lit match into the hole. You'll kill the wood from the inside with fire, which also makes it easy to chop away at the stump and roots.

Seem too difficult for you to do on your own? A tree removal company can handle this entire job for you. Visit a site like for more help.