Want To Put Up A Fence? Work With Your Neighbor To Remove A Tree On Both Properties

Posted on: 24 July 2017

When you first bought your house, it may have just been you and your spouse living there. But now you may have a child on the way and a dog in your family, which means the backyard will get more use. It is understandable to want to add a feature such as a fence that gives you both privacy and security. You may be interested in building a fence on your property line to maximize the space inside the fence. This is normally not a problem, but there may be a mature tree that is in the middle of two properties. The best course of action is to work with your neighbor and a tree service company to remove the tree.

Get Help for Removal Costs

It is ideal when you already have a positive relationship with your neighbor, but you should discuss your ideas with them before you start committing to anything related to the tree or fence addition. It is crucial to come up with the benefits of having the tree removed, such as extra privacy potential. You may even convince your neighbor to chip in a bit or even pay for half of the entire bill for removing the tree.

Collaborate on Fencing

When you make concrete plans to remove the tree, you can hire a fencing contractor to look at your home. They will be able to make the necessary plans to install the fence on your property. Since a fence will cost thousands of dollars, you should try to collaborate with your neighbor on this addition. You need to determine what you are willing to sacrifice or compromise on before speaking with them. For instance, they may want a vinyl fence but you are interested in a wood fence. Even if the vinyl fence costs more, you should consider the deal if it allows you to save money if you decide you'll split the bill for tree removal or fence installation.

Enjoy Optimal Positioning

Removing a tree that is on your property line will prevent you from having to make your backyard smaller. Building one side of the fence a foot or two inward can make a noticeable impact on sizing. It also becomes a worrisome situation because the roots could continue growing and cause issues for the new fence. So you will appreciate the ideal positioning and reduced maintenance that comes from removing the tree.

Hiring a tree company like Carlos Tree Service Inc to remove a tree is essential for having the best experience with adding a fence.