What To Expect With A Tree Removal Service

Posted on: 25 July 2017

Trees can be a great addition to any yard by adding color and breaking up the monotony of the grass. However, if the tree is not cared for properly, you may find that it is a danger to you and your neighbors. If a tree is growing over your home, or it is growing into a power line, then the tree is a major hazard to you, your family, and quite possibly your neighbors. It is situations like this, it is very important that the tree, or portions of the tree, are removed to ensure safety. Here are a few things that you can expect from a tree removal company.


One of the first things that a tree removal company is going to do is study the tree. If it is not absolutely necessary to remove the tree completely, the company will try to only remove part of the tree. However, if the tree is going to grow into the same problem in just a short time, the tree will likely be removed completely. The technicians are going to find the very best way to cut the tree in order to be as safe as possible.


The next step is the most dangerous part of the entire process. The technician is going to be lifted up in a crane and isolate portions of the tree. He or she will start at the top and only cut pieces of the tree that they can control all the way down to the ground. The process can be slow, but it is necessary to be slow in order to be safe. You can expect the technician to be safe and very thorough with trimming the tree.


If the tree needs to be completely removed from the property the tree service technician will then start cutting the tree up into manageable size pieces and loading them onto the truck. Usually this wood will be recycled or used for firewood. The trunk of the tree is always a major concern for homeowners, and it is nothing to worry about.  The tree service technician will cut into the stump as deep as possible and will cut a good majority of the stump out of the ground. Once the technician is no longer able to continue cutting out the wood, a chemical will be poured onto the stump to inhibit any more growth. 

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