Three Indications That Your Tree May Need To Be Removed

Posted on: 2 April 2018

If you're like most people, you're not at all crazy about the idea of having to remove a tree from your yard, so you'll be glad to know that many issues with trees warrant their removal. 

The Tree is Languishing Where It's Planted

Unfortunately, trees sometimes get planted in areas where they fail to thrive. For instance, a tree that requires a good deal of sun may end up planted in a shady spot, or a tree that doesn't perform well in soggy soils may be planted in a low-lying part of the yard where water pools in times of heavy precipitation. Whatever the reason, it's usually best to remove these trees rather than try to baby them along hoping to make them perform well in adverse conditions. If you have a tree that's fairly young that is planted in the wrong place, however, it may be worth it to talk with your arborist about moving it to a better location -- in some cases this can be done, particularly with deciduous trees that are fairly shallow-rooted such as willows and poplars. 

The Tree Has Fruiting Fungal Bodies on or Near Its Trunk

Fruiting fungal bodies are a sure sign that the tree is in the advanced stages of a fungal infestation. By the time it gets to this stage, the interior of the tree is usually rotten. There isn't anything that can be done to save a tree once it reaches this condition -- and you have to make sure that your other trees are protected from developing the fungal pathogen, so it's important that all parts of the tree are completely destroyed or removed from your property. Don't be tempted to run branches of these trees through your wood chipper to use for mulch -- doing so will only result in spreading the fungal pathogens present in the wood. 

The Tree is Old

Although most trees have longer lifespans than humans, they nonetheless grow old eventually, and in many cases, removing an old tree is a good idea. Although they can provide a great deal of visual interest to the average landscape, they may pose a danger due to increasingly weak wood that can easily be blown down during periods of high wind. Old trees are also more susceptible to the development of diseases and infestations of pests that can move on to other areas of your yard and garden. 

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