3 Important Signs That A Tree Needs To Be Removed ASAP

Posted on: 10 September 2018

Do you own a property with one or more large trees? Do you know how to tell when your trees have become dangerous and need to be taken down? Most trees have extremely long lifespans, often reaching hundreds of years old before dying. But not all tree species have a long life expectancy, and some may start to die prematurely due to a variety of contributing factors. As the owner of a large tree, it's your responsibility to watch for these things and to have the tree removed before it poses a danger to your home or anything around it. Some signs to watch for include:

Hollow areas: A healthy tree typically should not have any hollows anywhere, but an unhealthy tree may get a hollow for a variety of reasons. If you see a hollow spot where a branch meets the trunk or where two limbs come together, this may be a sign that your tree has been a victim of disease or of insects. Even if the disease or insects are gone, it can be difficult to tell just how much of a tree's interior is gone unless you pay a tree removal service to get rid of the tree. An otherwise healthy-looking tree may be almost completely hollow, making it extremely unstable and dangerous during storms with high wind.

Woodpecker attention: Although a woodpecker will sometimes drum on a tree or even on a metal drainpipe to make noise and to communicate with other woodpeckers, most woodpeckers drill into trees to get at insects living inside. A handful of woodpecker holes is usually nothing to be concerned about. But when woodpeckers keep returning to the same tree and drilling many holes up and down the length of the trunk, then you know that it's probably time to call a local tree removal service to take care of the tree. 

Shallow roots: Some tree species should have deep anchoring roots, but then develop shallow roots as a result of a lack of deep watering. If you have a type of tree that is supposed to have deep roots but you are able to dig just a few inches into the soil and hit the root system for some distance away from the tree, this can be a bad sign. A tree with an excessively shallow root system is just looking for a reason to topple over. You may want to get in a tree professional to confirm that the root system is dangerous before you call in a tree removal service, but simply ignoring the tree and leaving it in place has the potential to result in serious damage when it gets knocked over by the wind.

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