After The Trees Are Gone: 4 Tips To Help Deal With Tree Waste, Roots And Stumps After Removal

Posted on: 24 October 2018

If you have recently had a tree removed, the process has probably left you with unsightly waste, roots, and an ugly stump in the middle of the landscape. There are several ways to deal with problems like tree waste and stumps after you have had trees removed. Here are some tips to help deal with problems from tree waste, roots, and stumps after the removal is over:

1. Recycling and Reusing Tree Waste in Landscaping to Clean Up Removal Waste

A lot of the tree waste that you have when removing a tree can be reused. Consider reusing large materials for firewood and lumber. You can have the smaller materials chipped and use them for things like mulch for landscaping covering or material to add to a compost pile for nutrient-rich soil when the tree waste decomposes. There is one problem that you may have with using tree mulch: insects. Make sure that you treat any tree waste ground cover for pests when recycling the materials.

2. Dealing with Stumps and Overgrown Roots That Cause Problems in Landscaping

Overgrown roots can cause a lot of problems in landscaping. If they are on the service, you may want to try digging them up and cutting them with a saw. For larger trees, roots may be as large as the stump, which can be grounded with the stump if you contact a stump grinding service like Absolute Tree and Stump Inc for help. Make sure that you mark the location of any barrier utilities before having a stump grinding service remove the roots. The stumps that are left behind after tree removal are probably the biggest problem that you will have to deal with. If the tree was smaller, then you may be able to dig it out with a shovel. For most larger trees, the easiest and quickest solution to deal with stumps is to contact a stump grinding service and have them grind the stump into the soil.

4. Adding Soil and Replanting After Roots and Stumps Have Been Removed from Landscaping

When you have stump grinding done or dig up stumps, you may be left with holes and unfertile soils. Before you replant your landscaping, you will need to add soil. Have a load of topsoil delivered and till it into the area where tree stumps and roots have been removed. This will help ensure that need plants in your landscaping have plenty of nutrients for healthy growth. In addition, you may want to consider choosing trees that are smaller and have smaller root systems if you plan on replanting trees in your landscaping.

These are some tips to help you deal with tree waste, roots, and stumps after you have had a removal done. If you have unsightly stumps in the middle of your landscaping, contact a stump grinding service for help with the removal.