Preventing Emerald Ash Borer Infestations

Posted on: 17 June 2019

When you have emerald ash trees in your yard, you have the added responsibility of learning about the emerald ash borer. You need to know about this natural born enemy of the emerald ash tree so that you know how to recognize the signs of a problem and how to handle problems when they do show up. This useful guide will inform you on everything from knowing what to look for to what to do when problems are found.  

What is an emerald ash borer?

An emerald ash borer starts out as a larva that's very destructive to the emerald ash tree. The borer will remain a larva for about two to three weeks, and then it will come out of the tree's bark as an adult. If you have emerald ash trees, you can look for the signs of borers by looking for holes in the trees that are shaped similar to the letter "D".

How do borers damage the trees?

During the period in which the borers are larvae, they will stay under the bark of the tree where they will make tunnels in a way that will prevent the trees from getting nourishment to go from the ground to the tops of the trees.

When the trees aren't able to take in the full amount of nourishment they need, they will become unhealthy and be at risk of dying. When the borers are affecting the health of the trees, you can also spot trouble by looking for dieback in the crown. Dieback can be measured by the percentage of the branch tips that are dead in the crown.

Aside from spotting damage in the form of the "D" shaped tunnels and the dieback in the crown, you can also spot borer trouble by looking for things like excessive sprouting located around the bottom of the tree, splitting bark, and an increase in activity from woodpeckers that will be looking for the borer larvae to eat them.

How can an infestation of emerald ash borers be prevented?

The best thing to do is to prevent an infestation. Emerald ash borer prevention is easier than treating the trees due to an existing infestation. One of the most successful and easiest ways for you to go about preventing emerald ash borers from infesting your trees is to call on a tree care specialist to come out and utilize successful preventative methods that will keep your emerald ash trees from falling victim to these borer larvae.