Signs Of Invasive Tree Roots That Require Tree Removal

Posted on: 1 September 2021

Do you have mature invasive trees on your property? If so, you need to be mindful of the potential property damage they can cause. Trees provide shade and can improve the aesthetics of landscapes. Despite their beauty, they can wreak havoc on properties. This is particularly true if they are planted near homes. Ideally, trees should be planted further away from homes. However, some older trees that are several decades old may have been planted at a time when this was not common practice. The following points represent circumstances that warrant a tree removal to prevent or thwart damage from invasive roots. 

Invading a Neighbor's Property

The last thing that most homeowners want is a feud with a neighbor. A tree that is planted on your property but near your neighbor's property could cause your neighbor property damage. Trees with invasive roots search for water and nutrients. If your neighbor's property has moisture-rich conditions, there is a good chance that the roots from your tree could extend to their property. The neighborly thing to do is request tree removal services before or as soon as the issue is noted. Keep in mind that the tree does not necessarily have to be a burden to you to affect your neighbor.

Cracks in Home

There are a number of areas that you might notice cracks at if you have a tree with roots that have reached your home. The foundation is one of the most common areas. Roots that extend to this area of homes can cause cracks to occur on walls. In advanced stages, the phenomenon can cause windows to crack, too.

Protruding Roots

When tree roots protrude from the ground, it is a sign that they are not getting enough water from the ground. This type of situation poses a safety hazard because the roots can protrude to the extent that they become trip hazards. 

Sidewalk or Driveway Buckling

Tree roots might also seek moisture and water under paved surfaces. When this occurs, the paved surfaces will buckle, which is unsightly and can pose a trip hazard. The costs to repair the paved surface and the safety issues make it sensible to get tree removal.

Tree removal services are the best option to manage trees that are causing property damage. They can also determine if you have a species of invasive trees on your property. Invasive trees such as American elms and weeping willows are examples of trees that grow roots that can extend further than other trees. If there is sentimental value attached to a problematic tree, they may have a solution available to salvage the tree. Some trees can be uprooted replanted elsewhere. Your tree professional can assess the tree and determine if this is an option.