4 Tips To Keep Your Trees In Top Shape As Summer Approaches

Posted on: 14 June 2022

Trees help enhance the aesthetic appeal of a landscape, and thus, it is vital to take care of your trees properly. Furthermore, if you have fruit trees, some may bloom in late summer, and you need to keep them in great condition to reap bountiful yields. 

Additionally, scorching summer days can adversely affect young trees, as they may not have established their root system. Therefore, you should hire professional tree services to help preserve your trees and ensure that they thrive during the hot season. Below are some summer tree care tips:


Like most living things, the more temperatures rise, the more your trees crave water. Therefore, you should prioritize watering your trees regularly, focusing on the root zone to deliver hydration directly where it's needed. You should avoid using a sprinkler as it only supplies water to the top layer of soil, doing nothing to support the growth of the tree's robust roots underground. Since the sweltering heat prevails during the day, it would be best to water the trees early in the morning, hydrating them enough to get them through the day.

Soil Care

It is important to conserve and care for the soil to prevent problems emanating from poor soil composition. For example, trees planted on acidic and compacted soils lack nutrients, consequently experiencing stunted growth and often developing diseased branches. However, engaging a professional arborist helps ensure that fertilizer is applied to the trees to aerate and de-compact the soils, leading to the effective circulation of oxygen and root propagation. Additionally, adding fertilizer to the soil helps ensure that the trees have ample nutrients to develop leaves and shoots.


Pruning is necessary at the beginning of summer to get rid of damaged and diseased branches after the winter season. Moreover, trees that flower in spring, like flowering cherries and lilacs, are pruned at the onset of summer as soon as they start blooming. Although pruning improves a tree's health by reducing its water uptake, it can exert strain on the trees, compromising their stability. Therefore, you should contact tree services providers to prune your trees effectively and protect them against sun scalding.


Applying mulch to the tree's root area protects the roots from excessive heat and helps them retain moisture. Mulching is crucial to newly planted trees, as they need to establish their root systems in the ground. Furthermore, mulching curtails the growth of weeds, improving the uptake of water by the roots. It is important to apply adequate mulch at the tree's base and not against the trunk, as the latter creates a conducive environment for pests.

Trees are subjected to immense heat during summer, and they, therefore, need special care to sustain their growth. Hiring a professional arborist is crucial as they will routinely service the trees, ensuring that they have a long, healthy lifespan and are in great shape throughout the summer.