Eucalyptus Tree Trimming: A Guide

Posted on: 10 October 2022

Eucalyptus trees can be a beautiful, fragrant part of a yard. However, they are one of the higher-maintenance trees that you can plant. In particular, eucalyptus trees often require pruning. They may not need to be trimmed every single year, but they will need trimming more often than most trees in your yard. Here are some more important details about trimming as care for eucalyptus trees.

What time of year should eucalyptus trees be pruned?

Most trees do best when pruned in late winter or early spring, but eucalyptus trees are a bit of an exception. They tend to experience a lot of twig damage and dieback if you trim them when it's still cold. If you trim them when it's warm outside, they'll heal faster and go on thriving. So, if you have a choice, it's best to call the tree trimmer in the summer.

Why is trimming more important than for other trees?

There are a couple of reasons why pruning is so important for eucalyptus trees. For one, these trees tend to produce a lot of resin, and it can accumulate on the branches. If too much accumulates, the branches get too heavy and tend to snap off. Trimming trees before they reach this point helps prevent broken and falling branches. 

Eucalyptus trees also tend to grow a lot of "stray" branches that interfere with the tree's overall shape. Frequent trimming helps keep the tree in an attractive, ovular shape.

How do you know when a eucalyptus tree needs trimming?

Take a look at your tree from the ground up. Do you see a lot of branches that are crossing over one another? This is a sign that some of those branches should be trimmed away. Do you see any branches that are coated with resin? This also means your tree needs trimming. Also, note whether the tree has been losing a lot of small branches. This is a sure sign you need to call the tree trimmer promptly.

Do all tree care companies trim eucalyptus trees?

Most do. Eucalyptus trees are trimmed like most other trees and don't require much special skill or equipment. However, it never hurts to call and ask a tree care company to be sure. There are a few tree care experts who may not trim these trees because they don't like the strong scent.

Eucalyptus trees are beautiful, and they are worth the trimming they require. Talk to a tree trimming company such as Sal's Landscape & Tree Service to learn more.