2 Reasons Why A Living Tree In Your Yard May Need To Be Removed By A Professional Service

Posted on: 30 January 2023

When your yard is filled with trees, you may keep an eye on them to see if any are diseased and dying so that you can remove them if needed. Usually, these trees will have obvious signs of issues, such as obvious breaks in the trunk or widespread shedding of yellowed, dying leaves.

However, just because a tree may appear healthy and is able to produce ample leaves, there could be hidden issues that make it just as dangerous to leave in your yard as a tree that is obviously dying, diseased, or dead. Below are a couple of reasons why you may need to consider having a living tree in your yard removed by a professional service.

1. Root System of the Tree Is Starting to Show Signs of Serious Issues  

One reason why you may possibly need to remove a tree in your yard is when it starts showing signs of serious issues with the root system. Even if the roots are deep, these signs are easily visible if you know to look for them.

If the roots have started to stick up out of the ground or have even caused an upheaval of the soil, they are no longer providing a solid anchor for the tree. If fungi are growing around the tree, this usually means that the roots are starting to rot, and the growths are feeding off of the decaying wood. A professional will be able to confirm if this is the case.

2. Tree Is Showing Signs That It Has Hidden Problems Inside Its Trunk

Another reason a tree that appears healthy may need to be removed is when it starts showing signs of problems hidden inside its trunk. While a tree can still grow for years with a trunk that is partially missing because of insect infestation or rot, its strength will be compromised, and it could come down during a severe storm.

While examining the trunk, look for large cracks in the bark or areas where the bark is missing. If you find bare areas, look closely at the wood to see if it has turned black or appears shredded. If you believe these issues are caused by a compromised trunk, have a professional examine the tree.

Even if the tree is still able to grow lush green leaves, there may be hidden issues with its health that could cause it to unexpectedly break or fall, causing property damage or serious injury. If the root system and/or trunk is showing signs of disease, rot, and decay, you should consider going ahead and having a professional examine it to see if it needs to be taken down. Contact a tree removal service to learn more.