5 Tree Services You Might Need For The Trees On Your Property

Posted on: 28 February 2023

Mature trees add value to your land as long as they're healthy and attractive. When trees grow on city lots, they need care since they may face diseases, insects, and storm damage that affect their health and appearance.

It doesn't matter if a tree falls in a forest, but a tree that falls on your property could have serious consequences when you live in the city. That's why tree services are often needed. Here are five services your trees might need to keep them healthy, strong, or safe.

1. Pruning At A Young Age

It's good to prune trees when they're young. This allows the tree service to control the shape of the tree as it grows and it also distributes the weight of the tree so there is a lower risk of the tree falling when the ground is soaked with rain or when strong winds blow.

2. Removing Diseased And Dead Branches

It's a good idea to have damaged or sick branches removed. A branch or limb that's injured might allow insects to get started and spread throughout the tree. Plus, a diseased branch might spread the infection to other trees in the area. Dead branches are also an eyesore in an otherwise green and lush tree, so having them cut out is a good practice.

3. Controlling Growth With Trimming

One of the most frequent tree services you may need is tree trimming. If you can't reach the branches safely to trim your trees yourself, you may need to hire a tree care company occasionally to cut back branches so they don't cause problems on your property by brushing against your roof or getting too close to other trees. Plus, trimming helps trees stay attractive rather than growing wild and shaggy.

4. Treating Diseases And Infestations

Different parts of the country deal with different tree diseases and pests. If you own a tree that looks unhealthy, it's a good idea to seek treatment before the tree gets so sick it has to be cut down. Treating diseases and pest infestations are also important to control the spread of these conditions to nearby trees.

5. Removing Trees And Stumps

If your tree is injured in a storm or is unstable due to old age or disease, it's time to have it removed before it falls and harms your property. You may even want a healthy tree removed if it's in the way of a new patio or driveway. A tree care company can remove the tree safely so you can make more room in your yard or avoid the hazard of having a sick tree close to your house.