What You Need To Know About Hung Up Trees On Your Property

Posted on: 20 April 2023

A tree that becomes entangled in a neighboring tree is referred to as a hung-up tree. Not only is the tree that has partially fallen into its neighbor a concern, but the tree that it's leaning against may also be a concern. Removal of at least one of the affected trees is usually required.

When is a tree considered hung up?

The tree is considered hung up if it is caught in the crown or leaning against the trunk of another tree. In some cases the fallen tree may be completely uprooted, while in other cases it may only be leaning. Further, the fallen tree could be hung up on the branches of the support tree, or it may be only leaning against the trunk. Often, it is both in the branches and resting on the trunk.

A hang-up may not even involve a full tree. If a large branch breaks off a large tree and becomes entangled in the crown of a smaller tree, that is also considered a hang-up as a large branch poses much the same challenges as a full tree.

What are the immediate concerns?

It may be a relief to see a fallen tree become hung up rather than crashing onto your home, but there are still immediate risks to consider when one tree begins putting weight on another. The weight of the entangled tree can cause the support tree to fall without warning, which can result in injury or damage to property.

Another concern is if the hung-up tree breaks free, as it may continue to crash down onto your home or property. Branches may also fall from one or both trees unexpectedly.

Can the entangled tree be saved?

In some cases, you may be able to save the support tree, but the entangled fallen tree will likely need to be removed. The exception is if it is only a large branch that has broken and become entangled. In that case, cleaning up the wound from the broken branch and pruning the affected tree to balance it out helps.

The support tree can be saved if there is no major damage to the trunk or crown. Some pruning may be needed to fix any damage. Your tree tech may also recommend temporarily staking the tree in case some roots were damaged from holding up the weight of the fallen tree.

Are there risks during removal?

Removal can be very dangerous as it can be difficult to predict how the fallen tree will roll. Plus, there can be difficult to predict issues with the entangled support tree, as it may spring back or even snap off at the trunk when the fallen tree is removed.

Your tree removal technician will anticipate these challenges and use tools and techniques to minimize risk. This is especially true if there are other nearby hazards, such as power lines.

Contact a tree removal service in your area if you have a tree hung up in another one.