Why Remove A Tree Between Your Home And Your Neighbour's House?

Posted on: 13 June 2023

If you currently have a large tree growing in a side yard between your home and a neighboring property, then you should consider removing it. Trees in small spaces between two homes can cause significant problems.

Why should you remove these trees?

You Don't Have Easy Maintenance Access

If your tree sits in a small side yard, then it might grow too big for the space. Its branches might scrape against the properties on either side. It might not get enough sunlight or nutrients to stay healthy.

At some stage, you might need to do some maintenance or care work on the tree. If you don't, then the tree might become diseased or weak. It might become a fall hazard.

However, it's hard to work on a tree in a confined space. Your tree contractor might have to bring in cranes or use climbing equipment to access all its parts. Your maintenance costs are likely to be higher than if your tree was in your main yard and had more space around it.

If your tree isn't thriving in this limited space now, then it might be better to remove it. Its problems will only get worse as it grows bigger.

You're Worried About Property Damage

If you have a large tree growing in a side yard between two houses, then both properties have an increased risk of damage. The tree's natural growth patterns and accidents can cause some problems.

For example, tree roots in a side yard don't have to grow far to reach your home or your neighbor's property. These roots can damage foundations and cause structural problems. They can grow into underground plumbing and sewage pipes and damage them.

Plus, the tree is more likely to cause problems if it gets damaged. If a storm breaks off a branch, then it is more likely to damage one of the houses. If the tree falls, then it will hit one of the properties.

If your tree is too large to fit into your side yard space, then you should seriously think about taking it down. You will avoid infrastructural and property damage and potentially expensive repair costs.

Trees in confined spaces aren't always easy to remove. You should hire a tree removal service with experience in dealing with trees that sit between two properties. To get started, contact a local tree removal service and ask them to take a look at your tree.