What Are The Advantages Of Stump Grinding?

Posted on: 28 August 2023

You can remove an old tree stump in various ways. For example, you can physically dig it out of the ground, kill it with chemicals, or burn it down.

However, these solutions have downsides. Before you decide what to do with your stump, you should consider having it ground out by a professional tree removal service.

What are the advantages of using stump grinding to get rid of what is left of your tree?


You'll need some time to dig a tree stump out of the ground. Even small trees can leave deep stumps and root systems behind. Chemical removal agents can take months to fully work. Even burning isn't a fast process. You're likely to have to keep setting a fire on the stump to get rid of it all.

Stump grinding can take less than an hour. Your contractor uses a special machine to break down the stump from the ground. This machine cuts through the wood fast and chips it.


Some stump removal methods come with health and safety risks. For example, if you dig out a stump, then you could hurt your back. This is hard physical labor.

Plus, chemical removal products can be dangerous to animals and even people. If you don't contain a fire when you try to burn out a stump, sparks could spread and damage your property.

If you hire a contractor to grind out your stump, then you get a safe removal. You just need to keep out of their way while they work.

Less Damage

When you remove a tree stump, you are left with some ground damage. The stump leaves a hole that you will have to fill and possibly returf if the stump is on your lawn.

However, some stump removal methods can cause even more damage. Chemical products can leach into your soil and affect its nutrient qualities. They can also kill grass around the stump. Burning will kill any grass it touches as it burns down through the wood.

A tree removal specialist keeps damage to a minimum. They won't affect the area around the stump as much. They grind down from above. So, you won't have as much remedial work to do.

They might also help you fill your hole. For example, you could use some of the stump chips to do this. You'll simply have to put in some extra soil before putting down grass seed or a piece of turf.

To get started, contact local tree removal contractors and ask about their stump grinding services.