• What to Do When You Have a Tree That Is Sick or Dying on Your Property

    Trees are wonderful to have around your home and property and can provide many benefits. However, if you have a tree that is dying or already dead, it may present more problems than benefits, and tree removal is often the only solution to the situation. Evaluating Your Trees If you suspect a tree or several on your property are dying or beyond saving, having a tree removal service look at the trees for you is often a good starting point.
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  • 3 Trimming Tasks That Professional Arborists Should Handle

    Ideally, tree trimming should be as simple as cutting branches to promote healthy growth. In reality, tree trimming is complicated and can be risky, especially in the situations discussed below.  Trimming Trees Near Power Lines  Trimming or cutting trees near power lines isn't a DIY job. Don't attempt to climb that tree and trim the branches. In high winds, the tree can be swayed towards the power lines. When this happens, the trees create a path for the electricity to travel to the ground.
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  • 5 Signs It's Time To Remove A Diseased Tree

    Tree diseases are caused by fungal, bacterial, or viral pathogens. The most fatal of these diseases usually enter the tree via wood or root wounds, although sometimes insects are the vectors that bring disease to a tree. Depending on the disease and the severity, removal may be the only suitable option.  1. Contagion Severity Some tree diseases can be treated or even cured. Others, like Dutch elm disease, are fatal. Fatal, highly contagious diseases are best destroyed as soon as they are recognized.
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