3 Tips For Trimming Evergreens

Posted on: 26 January 2019

Evergreen trees add a great deal to your landscape design. Not only do they create texture and definition, but they can also provide shade and privacy in some cases. Although incredibly durable, evergreen trees do require some care and maintenance to ensure they are healthy and appealing. If you have a few evergreen trees in your yard, knowing when and how to prune them is key to their growth. Here are a few simple tips to help you trim your evergreen trees.
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Understanding Why You Should Not Trim Trees In The Fall

Posted on: 14 December 2018

If you have a number of trees on your property that are not very aesthetically pleasing, then you may want to do a bit of trimming. And, summer and winter can be times that you can schedule your trimming sessions. While this is true, you should try to avoid cutting your trees in the fall. There are a few reasons for this. Trees Are More Prone To Fungal Injections When you trim a tree, you are leaving the trimmed edge exposed to the elements and to the microorganisms that live in the region.
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After The Trees Are Gone: 4 Tips To Help Deal With Tree Waste, Roots And Stumps After Removal

Posted on: 24 October 2018

If you have recently had a tree removed, the process has probably left you with unsightly waste, roots, and an ugly stump in the middle of the landscape. There are several ways to deal with problems like tree waste and stumps after you have had trees removed. Here are some tips to help deal with problems from tree waste, roots, and stumps after the removal is over: 1. Recycling and Reusing Tree Waste in Landscaping to Clean Up Removal Waste
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3 Important Signs That A Tree Needs To Be Removed ASAP

Posted on: 10 September 2018

Do you own a property with one or more large trees? Do you know how to tell when your trees have become dangerous and need to be taken down? Most trees have extremely long lifespans, often reaching hundreds of years old before dying. But not all tree species have a long life expectancy, and some may start to die prematurely due to a variety of contributing factors. As the owner of a large tree, it's your responsibility to watch for these things and to have the tree removed before it poses a danger to your home or anything around it.
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